We constantly ask ourselves the question of how to make our guests’ reception better, the treatments more effective and the experience we experience more beautiful. It is a meticulous work of continuous research and it’s easy if there is also the collaboration of the guests. We take the freedom of giving you some advice which we consider useful and convenient.

If you book appointments through the available Mandala Beauty’s channels you will be sure to receive the best of the service.


It is a good idea to anticipate entry to the center a few minutes before the booked treatment starting time. We could not postpone appointments after yours because if there is a delay in starting the treatment, the same could be less effective or incomplete for you as for the other guests.


During your waiting time, in order not to disturb or be disturbed, we suggest that you use your mobile phone or tablet in a way suited to a relaxing environment. For those who wish, they can take off their shoes or hang a coat in the appropriate spaces that we will show you while at the reception. In the hall there are two very comfortable armchairs.


It is very important to complete, with our help, the check-up card in order to plan the most suitable and personalised treatment path.


Even after a treatment it is important to observe some precautions, for example for certain types of treatments we invite you not to expose yourself to the sun during the following hours.

We ask the courtesy to cancel or modify an appointment the previous day or in any case with discreet advance; in fact, each treatment needs its preparation (cleaning and preparation of the cabin, product selection, installation of machinery, preparation of work materials, etc.) which must be included in the daily schedule.

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