The Mandala symbolises the unity and harmony present in everything in the created, it represents the entire universe as it is interpreted by the microcosm of the man in relation to it; the goal of the mandala is to serve as an instrument for our spiritual journey, helping to re-establish the psychic order, a symbolic reflection of the cosmic one, to focus attention, to define a sacred space and to enter the deepest meditation within oneself, to establish harmony within us by identifying it with the celestial harmony that is outside of us that we’d like to reach.

The Mandala is a spiritual process that starts from the wonder we feel when we contemplate the beauty of the world around us and reaches the generation of the awareness that we are part of, unique and active, as a complete and total element; totality within a totality, infinity within infinity, circle within circle. This contemplative spiritual sense determines peace, serenity, calm, balance, increases the ability to see things with new, illuminating, radiant and shining light, warms the heart and widens the mind in both its spheres, conscious and unconscious.

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