Our center was born in 2019, at the Valpolicella’s gates, by the result of the desire to undertake a professional path that could fully achieve us and by the strong belief of being able to operate for the mental and the physical people’s well-being, that’s our mission, driven by the sense of our commitment and passion.
Mandala Beauty wants to be an environment that welcomes you, listens to you, relaxes you; a small temple where you can put yourself to find back your energies, concentrate on yourself and take your smile back; a home, your home, of inner and outer beauty that offers you spaces to rebalance and regenerate the spirit and services, for the care and well-being of the body.
A little girls’ dream, transformed into an idea which then evolved into a project, carried out with the highest attention to details and our intention is that will become part of your reality too, your reference point in the aesthetics world, one of your coordinates to receive refreshing and rewarding sensory perceptions for your whole being.

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